West Special Fasteners Ltd.

West Special Fasteners have grown into one of the most respected hot forgers and producers of high-integrity fasteners in the UK.

Our facilities and Services include 4 Hot forging presses, CNC Lathes, VMC’s, Capstan Lathes, Sliding Head CNC, Hydraulic Presses, Bandsaw, PMI testing, Tensile Testing, Charpy Impact Testing and G48 Testing.

We manufacture fasteners in a large range of stainless steels, alloys and exotic metals.

Bolts and Nuts etc can be produced to customer drawings, relevant British (BS), American (ASME and ANSI), European (DIN and UNI) or international (ISO) standards.

We are able to offer special fasteners in many materials including but not limited too:

• Hastelloy alloy C276®
• Inconel alloy 625®
• Titanium grade 2 and 5
• Monel alloy 400®
• Super duplex UNS S32760 / 1.4501
• Super duplex UNS S32750 / 1.4410
• Ferralium®
• Carpenter® 20Cb-3, alloy 20
• Avesta 254SMO® / 1.4547
• Stainless steels A4, A2, A4-80 and A2-80
• Aluminium bronze

QR CODEOur customers range from small prototype projects for Subsea to large scale construction fasteners, from Pumps, Valves, Actuators, to Chemical Plants and Power Stations, from Yachts to Frigates, from Harbour walls to Stadiums, the range of uses and customers is vast.