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WEG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial electric motors, gearboxes, automation technologies, control and protection systems, power generation equipment and industrial coatings and varnishes.  With an established global network of manufacturing sites, commercial branches, distributors and service centres covering all continents, and the acquisition of new brands with joint ventures, WEG have expanded their product and service portfolio so that the company turnover is now in excess of US$ 3 billion mark annually.

WEG’s strategic vision is to provide complete and efficient solutions with a wide range of electric machines, from power generation through to drives, motors and gearboxes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all manufacturing processes. At WEG we work in partnership with original equipment manufacturers to offer products that improve the operational functionality and efficiency of their equipment whilst also considering manufacturing processers and the environment.

Focussing on energy efficiency, WEG has always been ahead of the game when it comes to supplying motors that meet European eco-design standards and the USA NEMA EPACT for electric motors.  The standard W22 range available for 0.12 up to 355 kW and the ATEX compliant W22X motors are available to both IE3 and IE4 energy efficiency ratings whilst the WMagnet Drive System is already achieving the anticipated IE5 rating.

Starting in January 2021 the new European legislation will require hazardous area motors to have a minimum efficiency rating of IE3 with a few exclusions, WEG are already supplying these products.

The CFW series of variable speed drives has a product for all applications from the miniature CFW100 drive to the more sophisticated CFW11, with built in PLC functionality and various plug and play options to extend the parameters available. The CFW701 and CFW501 have been specifically designed for to be used for HVAC applications with options that include “Dry pump” to stop pumps running dry to PLC functionality built into the CFW701. The WEG automation range also includes Soft Starters with key pad programming and built in options for optimum control of motors.

Recent expansion of the WEG WG20 geared motor range now means WEG are able to supply helical, helical bevel and parallel shaft gear boxes up to 18,000 Nm.  The gearboxes feature an aluminium frame up to 600 Nm whilst the more powerful gearboxes up to 18,000 Nm torque are made with a robust cast iron housing.  Efficiencies in the gearbox are achieved through a two-stage design featuring a large ratio range.  Low circumferential speeds in the input stage and reduced splashing losses due to optimised amounts of lubricants mean that the WG20 experiences extremely low power losses and benefits the gears lifetime.  The WG20 has been designed to industry standard mounting position and is switchable to all voltages making it both flexible, compact, efficient and reliable.

Drawing on a wide range of knowledge and experience WEG can offer solutions to industry sectors including the oil, gas, water/waste water, food/beverage and material handling amongst many more. The WEG projects team can offer solutions that include large machines up to and including the power rating of 110 Mw with transformers and electrical panels for control, operation, safety and protection.

Whatever your application WEG have the solution.

Email: wuk-enquiry@weg.net
Telephone number: 01527 513800

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