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VEGA level measurement, pressure instrumentation and point level switches. A world leading manufacturer of technologies and solutions for Liquids, Solids and Gases.

New product innovations:

  • VEGAPULS 69 a new ultra focussed 79GHz non contact radar for bulk solids level indication. Its tight focussing eliminates false echoes. Radar technology is unaffected by in-flight dust, air movement, temperature or pressure. Measuring capability from close to sensor face up to 120 m
  • VEGABAR new patented temperature system virtually eliminates thermal shock reaction common in pressure measurement. Electronic DP systems are easily configured using paired sensors from the range, to eliminate work and maintenance associated with capillaries, chemical seals, impulse lines and condensate handling.
  • VEGAPULS WL61 affordable, versatile radar level technology for the water industry
  • VEGAFLEX 80 Guided Wave Radar – features boiler control approval for shell and tube designs
  • VEGAPASS and VEGAMAG bridle/bypass chambers with integrated GWR radar transmitters and VEGASWING level switches, with optional magnetic float level indicator offers dual redundancy.
  • VEGASWING 66 for -195 to 450C and 160 Bar operation with fail safe operation.
  • VEGA PROTRAC SIL 2/3 now on all Radiometric/Nuclear gauging systems for point level, continuous and interface measurement.


Solutions for gases, bulk solids and liquids including:

  • Level and Contents measurement
  • Inventory Control – local and remote
  • High and Low point level detection with SIL conformance
  • Interface measurement and switching
  • Pressure measurement
  • Remote inventory systems and web based software
  • Density, mass flow measurement and switching


Instrument technologies manufactured by VEGA :

  • Radar level Transmitters
  • Guided Wave Radar (TDR)
  • Pressure and DP Transmitters
  • Nucleonic gauging for non contact level, density interface and weighing
  • Admittance/Capacitance
  • Vibrating point level switches for liquids and solids
  • Microwave barrier level switches
  • Conductivity point level switches
  • Wireless communication systems


Approval portfolio includes ATEX, marine, mining, NACE, NORSOK, hygienic and environmental, SIL 2/3.

VEGA provide peace of mind to users with direct, expert advice on level and pressure solutions followed by great after sales service. All VEGA products have a 3 year warranty; combining quality, product design and years of experience.

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