Storopack Innovative, Protective Packaging Solutions

Storopack is a leading specialist in protective packaging and technical moulded parts with headquarters in Metzingen, Germany. A family owned global business, the Storopack Group  offers its solutions in more than 50 countries.

Manufacturing the majority of products in-house, Storopack successfully generates more than 25% of its revenue with products made from sustainable or recycled raw materials. There is a strong commitment to increase this further, as environmental considerations are the main priority for future product innovations.

Sustainable in-the-box packaging – designed to protect products in transit and fulfil customer expectations

At Storopack satisfied customers are the basis of our success. We offer a varied portfolio of sustainable and green packaging products and systems which protect products in transit and ensure they arrive in perfect condition.  Our product groups fulfil needs for a wide scope of industries from: Industrial, engineering, automotive, electrical, manufacturing, aeronautical, and e-commerce to name but a few.  Whatever the requirement there is a solution within the portfolio of products:

Solution for every application

We manufacturer all of our own packaging materials and through our considerable expertise and knowledge offer the best solution suited to the needs of our customers. Product groups cover all options of protective packaging from void fill, block and bracing, cushioning to wrapping. We offer a range of Bio based and recycled alternative products.

Our product offering

  • FOAMplus® – foam padding
  • AIRplus® –   air cushioning
  • PAPERplus® –  paper pads

FOAMplus® – foam padding

FOAMplus® is a perfect solution for companies that manufacture or ship products that require the highest degree of protection  eliminating transit and handling damage.

A hugely versatile packaging medium. The foam can either be dispensed directly into the carton where the expanding foam will mould itself to the contours of the product shape or can be made into pre-moulded cushions to enhance presentation. The product will satisfy the most rigorous  cushioning demands for high value, fragile and awkward shaped products. The light weight foam packaging also ensures that shipping costs are kept to a minimum whilst providing customers’ with total product protection.

FOAMplus® Bag Packer²

The Bag Packer² Foam-in-Bag dispensing system is fast, easy to use, efficient and economical. The machine can produce up to 23 foam-filled bags per minute at the touch of a button.

AIRplus® – air cushioning

AIRplus® features a broad range of air cushion types: AIRplus® Void, AIRplus® Cushion, AIRplus® Bubble and AIRplus® Wrap providing diverse application options for in-the-box packing protection.

Our extensive range of systems are designed for different packaging processes and suitable for small, medium and high performance packaging needs.  Systems are on-demand, fast and easy to operate, and complement our unique multi-layer, strong CO extrusion films.

PAPERplus® – paper pads

PAPERplus® is a comprehensive, versatile range of paper pad products and systems. An effective protective packaging solution suitable for lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight requirements.

Perfectly suited to applications ranging from strength and durability for block and bracing, such as a protecting a heavy gear box for shipping abroad, to packing of lighter weight products which require void fill. The flexibility of this range provides a solution for any packing challenge, regularly used across a diverse range of industries.

Watch the PAPERplus® Track video


PELASPAN® and PELASPAN® BIO are lightweight, quick and easy to use, efficient cushioning material that protects and fills gaps around any product. It is cost effective, has extremely high yield, unlimited storage life and low density for reduced transportation costs.  The superior padding chips interlock to create vibration-proof protective packaging.

Storopack Working Comfort® process – improves warehouse efficiencies

Ergonomic workspaces and efficient operations solutions.

Storopack helps increase the productivity of your protective packaging process with Working Comfort®.

Every unnecessary movement when packaging your products costs the packer time and energy, this can be avoided with the right processes and workstations.

With our consultation process, our technical experts analyse your existing packaging processes and provide bespoke solutions, customised to your specific business needs, taking ergonomics into consideration.

We focus on the efficient processes and the well-being of the packer in equal measure: Unnecessary tasks are eliminated; all packaging material is always conveniently on hand for the packer next to the workstations. All designed and integrated in line with the Working Comfort® process.

Storopack Innovative Training Centre in Northamptonshire

Our training centre is an interactive facility, offering customers the opportunity to test the best packaging solution for their products, and learn about the latest Storopack packaging systems and technology.

Located in Brackley the state of the art demonstration area is ideal for customers interested in stand-alone packaging systems or the development and implementation of full pack lines, integrated into intralogistics. The centre allows customers to work collaboratively with our technical  experts ensuring the correct protective product and system is chosen to benefit their operations.

Dedicated UK based Engineering team

The UK operation benefits from an experienced Field Service team, providing customers nationwide with a preventative maintenance program for all Storopack systems.

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