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At Spirax Sarco, we aim to be the first choice provider of efficient solutions in the use of steam and related industrial fluids.

From designing, installing and commissioning new facilities, optimising and upgrading existing systems, to maintaining plant performance through scheduled maintenance, we’ve got the expertise, resources, products and services to help you improve plant performance, meet environmental goals and achieve both compliance with legislation and profitable growth.

Watch how one company took back control of its steam system

Find out how this company sped up their process efficiency whilst reducing their energy consumption

A product for every part of your steam system

Boiler Controls and Systems
From completely new boiler house plants to simple blowdown valve replacements we have the solution you need.

Clean Steam Solutions
Our range of advanced clean steam solutions ideal for a sterile production environments.

Compressed Air Products
Ensuring air is delivered to the point of use at the right quantity and quality.

Condensate and Heat Recovery Systems
Returning condensate to the boiler house is essential for steam plant efficiency. For applications needing assisted flow we have the right pump for your system.

Control Systems
Simple self-acting controls to systems that match highly sophisticated control loops. Every control solution covered in our range.

Flowmeters for the ultimate in accuracy, reliability and versatility. Suitable for steam, most liquids and gases.

Heat Transfer Solutions
Efficient and flexible heat exchange solutions to meet your steam system requirements.

Humidification Products
Health and environmental regulations are tighter than ever. Control your humidity with direct steam injection.

Isolation Valves
Isolation valves are essential whether you need to divert flow or shut down your system for safe maintenance of your equipment.

Pipeline Ancillaries
Clean dry steam is crucial to the longevity and reliability of your plant. Sustain that investment through easy maintenance and visual diagnostics.

Steam Traps

Removing condensate and air from your system is essential.
Returning condensate to the boiler house maximises use of energy.
We have the right steam trap for your application and the know-how to advise you.

Spirax Sarco Services
Steam systems may not be your core business, but they are ours. There will almost certainly be times when you’ll need to look outside your organisation for the right people and specialist skills to build a new steam plant, extend your existing system to meet changing needs, or even to keep your system at peak performance. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of our expert capabilities and extensive resources to make your life easier.

Service contracts
Having invested in new plant or in a programme to improve your steam system to bring it up to its best operating efficiency, you’ll want to keep it that way. Often, the most cost-effective way to do this is to outsource some or all maintenance work to us through a service contract.

Steam trap surveys and management
To run a steam system safely, and at peak operational efficiency, it is essential all steam lines are cleared of condensate properly. This means ensuring that steam traps are working efficiently, a task best achieved by implementing a regular maintenance schedule. A Spirax Sarco Steam Trap Survey, conducted at least annually and preferably every six months, followed by a planned maintenance programme, is the sure-fire way to maximise energy efficiency and minimise process downtime.

Valve reconditioning
Have you recently purchased a replacement valve? Are you looking for a full valve overhaul, repair and pressure testing service? Having your replaced valve repaired would give you a spare on site, especially if it is a critical process, giving you peace of mind. The refurbishing of valves is performed in our dedicated and fully equipped workshop, enabling us to calibrate and recertify your valves.

Steam system audits
Each steam system audit is tailored to your budget and requirements, whether that’s energy efficiency, carbon minimisation, health and safety or achieving best practice in operations. Audits range from a check-up for a single plant room to benchmarking an entire steam system, from the water treatment plant right through to process applications and condensate return.

Steam quality testing
Manufacturers are legally bound to ensure the quality of the final product by identifying potential hazards and controlling them, typically using a HACCP approach. Do you consider steam to be part of this process? Discover how to keep your steam supply in top condition with our Steam Quality Testing service.

Boiler water treatment servicing
The right boiler water treatment is important to minimise scale formation and corrosion. Ineffective water treatment can reduce the life of plant and can even lead to a catastrophic failure. Spirax Sarco’s fully comprehensive boiler water treatment service provision is inclusive of chemical supply and pre-treatment equipment servicing, helping you to prolong the life of your boiler and steam system.

Health and safety compliance
Health and safety in the workplace is a top priority for any responsible organisation. Our Health and Safety compliance service helps you meet the plethora of highly detailed and technical requirements surrounding the running of steam and pressure systems.

Installation and commissioning
Specifying the right equipment for your system is critical, but if installation and commissioning are not undertaken accurately, plant performance can fall short. We always provide comprehensive installation and commissioning instructions that your engineers can follow. However, if you lack the experience, resources or time to do the job in house, we recommend you take advantage of our commissioning services. This is an option available with the purchase of all of our equipment, either a single engineered component or fully managed turnkey projects. 

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