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Spirax Sarco UK
Charlton House
15 Cirencester Road
GL53 8ER


Tel: 01242 521 361
Email: uk.enquiries@uk.spiraxsarco.com
Website: sxscom.uk/SpiraxHome

Twitter: @Spirax_Sarco_UK

At Spirax Sarco, we aim to be the first choice provider of efficient solutions in the use of steam and related industrial fluids.

From designing, installing and commissioning new facilities, optimising and upgrading existing systems, to maintaining plant performance through scheduled maintenance, we’ve got the expertise, resources, products and services to help you improve plant performance, meet environmental goals and achieve both compliance with legislation and profitable growth.

Watch how one company took back control of its steam system

Find out how this company sped up their process efficiency whilst reducing their energy consumption


A product for every part of your steam system

Boiler Controls and Systems

Clean Steam Solutions

Compressed Air Products

Condensate and Heat Recovery Systems

Control Systems


Heat Transfer Solutions

Humidification Products

Isolation valves

Pipeline Ancillaries

Steam Traps


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