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SEEPEX is a leading worldwide specialist in the design, manufacture and application of progressive cavity pumps, macerators and digital solutions which optimise uptime and reduce downtime to give an optimal TOTEX solution.

Our products and expertise are used wherever thin to highly viscous, high solids content, shear-sensitive, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed with low pulsation. We work with customers in almost every industry including water and waste water, food and beverage, oil & gas, renewable energies, pharmaceutical, chemical and many more. Our solutions optimise our customers’ systems, boost their productivity and lower their operational costs.

Products and services highlights

Our energy efficient handling solutions include Smart Air Injection (SAI) technology, an energy efficient system with applications in the wastewater industry (dewatered sludge), breweries and distilleries (spent grains and hops). SAI delivers energy savings of approximately 40% by combining a progressive cavity pump with pneumatic dense phase conveying to transport 14-40% DS media over long distances. This alternative to conventional technologies has proven to significantly reduce operational (energy, spare parts and downtime) and total investment costs.

SEEPEX EHEDG hygienic pumps fulfil the stringent demands of cleanliness in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. The enhanced internal design guarantees residue-free cleaning with CIP/SIP and the low shear pump action ensures the highest product quality. To handle highly viscous products with little or no flowability, we offer hygienic open hopper pumps.

Our dosing pumps deliver continuous and batch dosing with high precision and repeatable accuracy of ±1%. Unlike other traditional dosing pump designs, our dosing pumps ensure even mixing and distribution of ingredients to maintain high-quality products and control costs.

Our pump portfolio also includes hygienic enclosed waste removal systems. SEEPEX open hopper pumps chop and pump production waste from high care to low risk areas and can reduce waste volume by up to 60% with significant savings on transport costs.

Pump Technology 4.0 for optimised pump operation and best performance

SEEPEX Digital Solutions incorporating the Pump Monitor turn the progressive cavity pump into an intelligent field device, operating in a networked system of smart products, services and processes. SEEPEX cloud-based service provides online remote monitoring and management of the pumps and process. Data collection and advanced analytics enable process and pump optimisation and reduce inspection, downtime and operating costs, facilitating predictive maintenance and timely delivery of spare parts to improve overall equipment and plant efficiency.

Unlocking the Power of Digital

Our latest innovation, the most intelligent progressive cavity pump in the world, allows remote adjustment to restore pump performance without onsite manual intervention. With SEEPEX unique SCT AutoAdjust technology, combined with our digital solutions, site visits for maintenance are reduced and access to otherwise hard to reach pump installations can be carried out remotely.

Patented Solutions for Smart Maintenance. Fast and Simple.

SEEPEX continues to extend its world class portfolio of maintain-in-place technologies for pumps with capacities up to 300m3/hr and 48 bar, able to handle flowable to highly viscous products with a high % DS content. The patented BNM range has been designed to simplify customers’ maintenance and can reduce maintenance time by up to 80% with a significant reduction in related costs.

SEEPEX latest ease of maintenance solution for big pumps complements our Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), launched in 2008 and still setting standards in the maintenance of smaller standard progressive cavity pumps, and Drive Joint Access (DJA) technology for open hopper pumps. All of these patented solutions increase uptime and plant availability.

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