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The Schaeffler Group is a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors. With 170 locations across the globe, its portfolio includes high precision components and systems for engine, transmission, and chassis applications, rolling and plain bearings as well as linear solutions, for a large number of industrial applications.

Industrial Expertise

The Industrial division supplies precision products to customers for use in over 60 industrial sectors. The product portfolio

includes rolling and plain bearings, linear and direct drive technology, as well as service features such as maintenance products (bearing mounting and dismounting tools, lubricants and automatic lubrication systems) and condition monitoring (CM) systems.

HR1 Rolling Bearings Catalogue – our core publication for rolling bearings

Industrial Automation

Machine Tools; Food processing & packaging; Industrial Robots; Medical Equipment; Printing Machinery; Textile Machinery; Wood working machinery; Rubber & Plastics;  Assembly & parts handling.

Power Transmission

Electric Motors; Fluid Power; Industrial Transmission; Pneumatics

Renewable Energy

Wind; Solar; Water

Raw Materials

Metallurgical Production and Processing; Mining & Quarrying; Pulp & Paper; Oil & Gas; Drilling & Conveying equipment


Construction Machinery; Industrial Trucks; Cranes, conveying elevators; Agricultural equipment

Lubricants & Lubrication devices

Schaeffler has its own brand of lubricants ARCANOL and automatic relubrication devices which provide fresh lubricating grease to the contact points of the rolling bearing in the desired quantity and at the right time. For maintenance staff, automated relubrication devices mean improved operating reliability and often reduced maintenance costs. Schaeffler offers four automatic lubricators (CONCEPT1, CONCEPT2, CONCEPT4 and CONCEPT8) which provide up to eight lubricant supply line outlets respectively to suit every application.

Cartridges in the CONCEPT range are also available as refillable empty cartridges. This means that the CONCEPT devices can also be operated using third-party greases. Using these cartridges – which can be filled up to three times – eases the burden on both the environment and your wallet.

Industry 4.0 Products & Solutions

Schaeffler offers a complete Condition Monitoring portfolio, from simple condition monitoring devices through to digital services.

Condition Monitoring & Digital Services 

OPTIME Plug>Play>Predict

OPTIME is a new CM solution from Schaeffler that makes condition monitoring automated and cost-effective for a multitude of indirectly process-critical machines and assemblies typically found in today’s production and process plants.

SmartCheck, a wired, single-channel system for permanent machine and process monitoring. The online monitoring system comes with integrated web server and learning mode. 

ProLink is the “big brother” of SmartCheck and is designed for process-critical machines with between four and 16 measuring points. The wired, modular, multi-channel CM system can record and analyse data on vibrations and several other variables.

A key benefit of all three CM systems is that maintenance personnel do not need any expertise in vibration-based CM in order to install them. The same simplicity also applies to analysing the output data, since the analysis is carried out by Schaeffler algorithms. 

ConditionAnalyzer is a digital service for all Schaeffler systems and other commonly available CM systems. All vibration-based CM systems can capture and visualise vibration but figuring out what that data means in terms of damage progress and severity and, in particular, bearing condition requires in-depth domain knowledge of the various components involved. The Schaeffler ConditionAnalyzer software provides this level of condition information automatically, enabling users to quickly determine whether the bearing in question needs to be replaced and when, thereby largely avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

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