RPC Radiy

RPC Radiy
29 Akademika Tamma Street
Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine
Project Support Division
Phone: +38 (0522) 37-33-28
Fax: +38 (0522) 37-33-28
Email: inter.project@radiy.com
Website: http://www.radiy.com/en/

RPC Radiy is a leading Ukrainian designer and supplier of advanced I&C systems and power supply units for nuclear power plants. The company also produces seismic protection systems, calibration equipment and other measuring devices for nuclear facilities. Additionally, the company`s portfolio includes hydro-mechanic equipment for transport vehicles and energy saving LED lights.

Radiy’s versatile manufacturing capacity ensures customized, high-quality, and cost-effective engineering solutions for small and large projects. With its 11 innovative production capabilities, from metal working to facilities for printed circuit board soldering inspection, Radiy provides high degree of vertical integration. Design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, and installation support are all performed by Radiy. Processes are in place to guarantee that all manufacturing facilities maintain appropriate working conditions and are continuously updated to incorporate the latest electronic manufacturing improvements. Radiy’s designers and manufacturing engineers are also kept up to date with new technologies and developments in the field to provide their customers with innovative solutions and high-quality products.

RPC Radiy consists of eight Design Bureaus, each developing its own product line. Among them are Physical Process Analysis Design Bureau, Steering Hydromechanics Plant`s Design Bureau and RadiyLED.

Physical Process Analysis Design Bureau develops the following categories of products:

  • сalibration equipment (vibration measurement systems);
  • monitoring systems (automatic systems for early diagnostics of emergencies);
  • angle measuring equipment(seismic and inclination (surveying) sensors);
  • general purpose equipment (multi-functional high-precision modules, water proximity sensors, processing modules of analog signal, signal processing module of induction sensors, digital multichannel registrators, universal current distributors, level alarm equipment systems);
  • seismic protection equipment(seismic sensors).

Particularly, Vibration Measurement System (VMS) proved to be an effective design solution for industrial applications. VMS is designed for the calibration (testing) of seismic protection system sensors in nuclear power plants. VMS can also calibrate other acceleration sensitive devices and various types of vibration transducers, as well as assess the behavior of seismically sensitive sensors. 

The VMS has the following capabilities:

  • measuring non-linear distortions of the reference sensor and device to be calibrated, as well as capability for spectral representation of the received signals;
  • measuring peak oscillation amplitude of the first harmonic in the signal spectrum;
  • fixing the device to be calibrated below the level of vibration platform for testing vertically fixed items;
  • handling oversized devices to be calibrated in lateral and transverse oscillation axes;
  • weighing objects with dimensions that over exceed the VMS dimensions.

VMS expands lower limit for frequency reproduction and qualitative sinusoidal vibration for platform motion. The system is certified and has a Metrological Qualification Certificate.

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Steering Hydromechanics Plant Design Bureau specializes in the design, manufacturing, testing and maintenance mechanical parts and structural components for mid-sized cars, heavy vehicles, buses and trolleybuses. One of the main products is a two-dimensional ball screw hydraulic booster (ShVGU 720 and ShVGU 430). The complete set of steering wheel control system includes thirteen product categories in more than forty versions. All products are patented in Ukraine.


Radiy series energy-efficient LED Luminaires are designed for street, industrial, and commercial applications.

Designed to maximize efficiency and prolong operation, RadiyLED Luminaires provide unwavering light intensity and luminous flux for the duration of their service life. Lasting for up to 60,000 hours, equivalent to 15 years, RadiyLED Luminaires provide unparalleled reliability in comparison with outdated lighting technology.