Quantum Controls Ltd

We appreciate that 20 seconds ago you may have never heard of Quantum and we have never dealt with you before, but we think we have something of value for you. You are clearly looking for the products and services Quantum specialise in, we are an ABB Alliance Partner and have been the UK’s largest supplier of ABB Drives, Motors and service since 1994.We don’t expect you within minutes of arriving at this site to start purchasing our products and services. We realise that’s maybe too much too soon so we are going to invest in you instead, and I’m going to invest in you by giving you something of real value up front in exchange for your permission to begin a mutually beneficial relationship with you. So if you’re willing to give us your name and email address I will give you access to our resource section of the website. Here you will find white papers, technical videos, all of ABB’s drive manuals and brochures for previous and current range of drives and much more for relevant industry information about Variable Speed Drive, Motors, Control Panels etc.

This resource section will deliver real value to you and we hope you will have a look and find its value. Over time we hope we can build this relationship and when you are ready we will have a sales relationship.

We hope you find the Resource Centre of benefit, your feedback is always welcome.