PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments was founded in Germany by engineers in 1999. The company manufactures and supplies test devices, control systems, laboratory equipment and scales and balances for a vast range of applications. Products are sold to a great extent under the trademark “PCE Instruments®”, but also re-sold from other renowned producers.

PCE Instruments has its headquarters in Germany and several offices around the world. The German PCE Holding GmbH comprises the following companies: PCE Deutschland GmbH, PCE Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, PCE Instruments UK Ltd, PCE Ibérica S.L., PCE Italia S.R.L., PCE Brookhuis B.V., PCE-Teknik Cihazlar Paz.Tic.Ltd.Şti., PCE Instruments Chile SA, PCE Instruments France EURL, PCE Americas Inc., Pingce (Shenzhen) Technology Ltd., PCE Instruments HK Ltd. and PCE Instruments Polska S.p.z.o.o. All offices have their own online shops. The English online shop can be reached via: https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/pce-instruments-uk-test-instruments-anbieter_2.htm




Qualified technicians offer competent pre- and aftersales support to professional as well as private customers. PCE constantly develop new products and solutions and improve and innovate their existing products.

PCE’s wide range of test instruments includes, among others: viscometers for laboratory and industrial applications, hand-held and permanently installed moisture and humidity meters for various purposes, even very specific instruments like concrete moisture meters for the construction industry, inspection cameras for monitoring and maintenance, for instance to look into machines and installations, different types of data loggers, air flow meters to measure the wind speed, wind direction and other parameters, industrial borescopes with rigid, semi-flexible and flexible cables, force gauges to measure tensile and compressive forces as well as adhesion, crane scales for heavy loads, analytical balances such as counting scales or moisture balances which are frequently used in water and wastewater treatment and for the determination of the dry content in sewage sludge, industrial scales with many different weighing ranges, laboratory pumps and centrifuges, microliter pipettes, colorimeters for quality control and other purposes, pH meters for use in laboratories, aquariums or in the industrial sector, clamp meters for AC and DC voltages, Geiger counters to detect nuclear radiation, HVAC meters for professionals dealing with heating, ventilation,  refrigeration or air conditioning, etc.

Recently, PCE Instruments have made a lot of progress in enhancing their range of sensors for the in-process moisture measurement of grain, oil, wood, pellets, etc. as well as their condition monitoring equipment.

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