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Munters’ Dehumidification division offers a broad range of energy efficient air treatment solutions for industrial processes and comfort climate applications. Munters has developed from being a pioneer in humidity control technology to become a global supplier of complete solutions for the optimisation of its customers’ indoor climate.

Today, Munters offer customised, high quality energy efficient solutions worldwide and a world leader in energy efficiency.
Munters offer energy efficient systems that create a comfortable indoor climate by controlling both humidity and temperature in commercial and public premises. The systems are energy efficient and have low operating costs using patented heat exchange technology.

Munters engineered systems offer energy efficient air treatment and humidity management for a broad range of industrial processes which demand a high level of control. These deliver precise air at the appropriate volume, ensuring the highest safety, quality and efficiency in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food, chemical products and a long list of other process-critical applications.

Dehumidification in combination with cooling creates an ideal indoor climate. Munters’ solutions raise customer productivity, quality and comfort based on efficient energy utilisation

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