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Litre Meter Ltd
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When flow measurement is critical, consult the engineering specialists.

Litre Meter has been leading the field since 1975, with a well-established reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of flow meters.

Pioneering the development of the world renowned VFF and Pelton wheel flow meter: accurate, effective and versatile designs to suit a range of applications in particular in the Oil and Gas sector. In 2011 we supplied the largest ever chemical injection flowmeter order for the Gulf of Mexico. Over 5,000 VFFs are now in operation on chemical injection.

Litre Meter brings your specialists knowledge in low flows and high pressure flowmeters. Specialists in design consultancy and flowmeter engineering.

We can help you find the right flow measurement solution for your application through our VFF, Pelton Wheel or through our sister company Marston Flow, the UK distributor of Litre Meter and other third party standard flowmeters.