Lascar Electronics Ltd

Lascar Electronics Ltd

Module House, Whiteparish, 
Salisbury, Wiltshire 
SP5 2SJ United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1794 884567

Lascar Electronics is a global leader in data logging, IoT and smart graphic displays.

Our comprehensive range of data loggers include WiFi, Bluetooth and USB products, measuring a variety of parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage,4-20mA, events and carbon monoxide. Supplied with free software, Lascar’s data loggers offer professional and uncomplicated sensors at cost effective prices.

The EasyLog Cloud gives you the ability to manage multiple data loggers in locations around the world and view them using your Internet Browser or EasyLogCloud App. The EasyLog Cloud offers unlimited and secure data storage, advanced alarm notifications to multiple users and powerful analysis and reporting from all your devices.

Both our EL-WiFi and EL-MOTE data loggers are compatible with the EasyLog Cloud. Monitor temperature or temperature and humidity completely remotely. Both ranges include products with external probes enabling you to monitor an environment that may not be suitable for the logger itself. The EL-MOTE family of loggers can be purchased with pre-calibrated, replaceable probes so re-calibration can be arranged without having to remove the logger from its environment.


The PanelPilot range from Lascar Electronics is a unique series of smart graphic displays that enable the creation of fully bespoke interfaces without writing a single line of code. From e-paper to full colour high resolution touch screens, they are perfect for simple applications or even as full process-controlling HMIs.

The top of the range PanelPilot ACE is a unique platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and system monitoring displays.  Available in 4.3”and 7” versions, ACE uses Lascar’s own Design Studio software that allows app development using an intuitive drag and drop interface. ACE display units accept inputs including 4-20 mA analogue, direct digital I/O, RS485, CANBUS and MODBUS. There are also digital alarm outputs and a built-in PWM generator.

The Design Studio software contains powerful tools such as PID, maths and logic builders, multi-channel data logging and graphing. It’s free to download from the Lascar website.

Next in the PanelPilot line-up is the M series, versatile units available in 2.4”, 2.8” and 3.5” models. This range includes versions that are suitable for voltage or current inputs, and also products that are sealed to IP67.The M series are programmable panel meters featuring dual analogue inputs, alarm outputs and colour touchscreen displays.Configured using the free PanelPilot M Software, there over 50 app templates available including bar-graph, tank level, analogue style and trend graphs.Users can customise colours, text labels, units and input scaling before uploading to the display.

The newest addition to the PanelPilot range is the SGD 21-B -a low cost, low power, sunlight readable, single channel voltmeter with a sleek monochrome e-paper display. The unit is configured with free-to-download PanelPilot B software that provides six templates to choose from, and users can customise labels, scaling and alarms. Modest power requirements make this display ideal for use in battery-powered handheld instruments.