Fleetmaxx Solutions is a family-owned business built on respecting our customers. At Fleetmaxx, we’re proud of our high quality service and aim to find the best possible solutions to help reduce business costs and improve your bottom line. Our group of companies are currently satisfying over 50,000 commercial customers. We are proud to offer the following services:

Diesel, Petrol and EV Charge Cards

As fuel card specialists, Fleetmaxx can offer a wide range of fuel cards to suit your business needs. We offer a complete extensive list of fuel cards to suit your every need; EuroMaxx fuel card, Maxx Control fuel card, Esso fleet card, FuelGenie supermarket, Keyfuels Diesel Fuel card, Shell CRT fuel card, Shell Fleet Fuel card, Texaco FastFuel and UKFuels Fuel card. Our fuel cards can save you money at the pumps in the UK, Ireland and Europe, with up to 10p off per litre with selected cards.

Are you looking to go electric? We’ve got you covered; we can provide you with EV charge cards so that you can access thousands of charge points on the go with our own Chargepass® and Shell EV Recharge.

For a full extensive range, visit – https://www.fleetmaxxsolutions.co.uk/fuel-cards/compare-fuelcards/.

Supplier of AdBlue (FleetBlue)

We offer the best possible service at the lowest possible price by manufacturing the product in-house. Buying straight from us can help make significant savings, up to 50% off forecourt prices for you & your business.

We supply AdBlue® in various sizes, including 10L, 20L, 205L barrels, 1,000L IBC, and bulk deliveries.

We can support your requirements no matter how large or small your operation.

Do you purchase AdBlue regularly? Are you fed up with delivery charges and remembering to re-order? We can offer you a solution! Check out our automatic refill service – https://www.fleetmaxxsolutions.co.uk/fuel-cards/adblue-solutions/.

EV Business Homecharge®

Home charging is as cheap as paying 22p for a litre of fuel

The MaxxEV home charging can save companies 50% compared to public charging, so it makes sense to charge at homes. Have you not got a charge point? With Business Homecharge®, we will install the latest fast charger at your home so you can start charging your new EV at home!

You receive a single bill which accounts for all energy used.

Your employees don’t have to pay a penny, so you don’t have to deal with expense claims. All they have to do is charge their EV.

There are many benefits of using home charging:

  • New analysis reports that EV cost per mile is 80% less than petrol & diesel vehicles.
  • Home charging is 50% cheaper than public charging
  • Accurate energy consumption data, straight from the charge point
  • Your drivers don’t pay a penny, so there are no expenses to claim
  • No need for your drivers to switch energy supplier
  • We pay their energy providers directly, so there is no “bill shock.”

For more info – https://www.fleetmaxxsolutions.co.uk/ev-charging/ev-charging-for-fleets/

We can also help with:

–       Vehicle Tracking and Telematics – Gain visibility over your fleet

–       Vehicle Compliance App – Carry out vehicle checks with our app

–       Driver Training with our E-Learning – Improve your driver’s road skills

–       Route Optimisation – Save up to 30% on vehicle costs

–       Business Insurance – Protecting businesses of all shapes and sizes