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FläktGroup was formed in 2016 with DencoHappel and Fläkt Woods joining forces to create a market leader in energy efficient indoor air technology solutions; providing our Customers with the highest quality standards for improved Air Comfort and well-being.

Thanks to the flexibility and diversity of our products our energy saving solutions serve a variety of applications including datacentres, offices, car parks, tunnels & metros & educational facilities.

Our Offering

Our offering covers eight critical Air Functions of HVAC system in order to provide the best Indoor Air Comfort & Critical Air Solutions.

These are:

AIR TREATMENT– Air Handling Units treat the air in order to provide good indoor air quality and comfort. This means cleaning, heating and cooling the air and sometimes providing humidity control. By integrating the finest energy recovery systems together with the most efficient fans and motors with smart controls we achieve that with the lowest energy cost.

AIR MOVEMENT – All fans from FläktGroup are designed for general Air Movement, but we also offer high temperature fans that protect people and property in case of fire.

AIR FILTRATION – Our wide range of Filter Media, Dust Collectors and Air Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators, Air Intake Systems, Control Systems and Clean Room Solutions provide clean air in commercial, industrial and residential areas. Finest emulsion mists, toxic vapours, fine dusts and material chips are filtered just as reliably as odours, bacteria, fungus pores or viruses.

AIR DISTRIBUTION – Veloduct is a complete range of round ducting for best-in-class tightness. Veloduct is CE-marked certified also for fire safety.

AIR MANAGEMENT – Optivent products offers high performances for the Demand Controlled Ventilation features and IRIS Original enables easy air management for commissioning and balancing. CE marked dampers for fire safety complete the range.

AIR DIFFUSION – Air Diffusers (variable or passive) as well as chilled beams and fan coil units are designed to ensure high quality indoor comfort (noise, air velocity) while providing advanced functionalities.

AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING – Our ICT Cooling means exact cooling, precise control of relative humidity…We also offer a wide range of energy-efficient Chiller and Heat Pump models with an extensive spectrum of accessories.

SERVICE – With a comprehensive selection of service offerings combined with an extensive in-house expertise and competence we ensure the most reliable and cost-effective system performance through the entire life cycle. We care for your air through Excellence in Service.


FläktGroup products and components are designed, manufactured, and tested to international quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Our commercial and technical sales support teams are there to assist in choosing the right products, and meeting certification targets according to LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and HQE standards, among others. Often our solutions provide critical elements of a system which in turn helps achieve a higher rating for the total building certification.

What to find out more?

Our specialist sales teams are ready to discuss your requirements. Please email uksales@flaktgroup.com for more information.

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