EPP Magnus Ltd – Euro Press Pack

The story of Euro Press Pack hydraulics actually began in 1919, with the creation of the Raffaele Rimassa company – manufacturers of high-pressure hydraulic products. The company was taken over by Euro Press Pack in 1993 and the group is now recognised as a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high-pressure hydraulic components ranging from 700 to 4000 bar.

All Euro Press Pack hydraulics are manufactured to DNV and ISO standards, and are treated with the “Nitreg ONC” process in-house at the company’s production plant in Carasco, near Genoa in northern Italy. This exclusive thermo-chemical treatment makes the steel exceptionally hard and resistant to corrosion, before the equipment is then further strengthened with the application of a special oil that coats the treated surfaces and makes them immune to corrosion. Euro Press Pack hydraulics are therefore especially suitable for use in applications where there is a high risk of corrosion and mechanical wear.

The company also manufactures on behalf of other “blue chip” companies, and can also manufacture bespoke equipment to suit customers’ own specifications.

The full range of Euro Press Pack hydraulics comprises:

  • Hydraulic cylinders: single-acting cylinders, load return (CGG, CGR, CGS series); single-acting cylinders, spring return (CMC, CMF, CMI, CML, CMP, CMT series), double-acting cylinders, oil return return (COD, COF, COI, COS series)
  • Hydraulic pumps: manual and foot pumps (PF, PN, PP, PS, PV, PVL series), air hydraulic pumps (MLP series), compact electric pumps (MC, MD and MDW series)
  • Hydraulic power packs: modular power packs (ME/MM-PP, ME, MM, MP, MS, VMM-VME, VMS-VMP series)
  • Synchronous lifting systems;
  • Valves and accessories for hydraulic systems: pressure gauges and gauge blocks (G series), couplers (K series), manifolds and fittings (R series), hoses (S series), in-line valves and reduction valves and regulators (VL-VR series);
  • Hydraulic tools;
  • Automotive equipment:  mobile folding crane, trolley jacks, hydraulic lifting tables, hydraulic bottle tables.

Address & Contact details:

7 Burton Close, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6AY email sales@epp-Magnus.co.uk and welcome@epp-Magnus.co.uk the phone no 01603 400861