DuctSox Corporation

DuctSox Corporation, headquartered in Peosta, Iowa, is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial fabric air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications. Our fabric systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork and diffusers. They are easy to install, have low material waste on the jobsite, and offer many other Green advantages. Our products have been accepted within key industry organizations such as ASHRAE, Underwriters Laboratories (U.S. & Canada), International Code Council, and many building authorities throughout the world.

Different than conventional metal, fabric products are engineered and manufactured for each project. DuctSox designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts which incorporate fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, and transitions. Sections are zippered together to form extended lengths with diameters from 6 to 80 inches. Whether industrial, retail, education, commercial, government, warehousing, laboratory, food processing, temporary or permanent, DuctSox offers a proven choice.

To maintain market leadership, DuctSox offers the best products, designs, and sales support in our industry. More than maintaining our standard products, DuctSox strives to be the leader in the HVAC ductwork industry through our commitment to quality, service, and innovation. This commitment has allowed us to expand our product offering to include products such as LabSox laboratory ductwork, KitchenSox commercial kitchen ductwork, UFSox underfloor ductwork, and SkeleCore, an internal framework system for fabric duct.

DuctSox Corporation
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