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Dec Group is a recognized global leader in the field of powder handling and process containment systems. With a strong commitment to safety, their products ensure the well-being of both operators and the products themselves.

A pioneer in advanced system concepts, Dec Group offers a wide range of solutions, from standard powder transfer systems to highly intricate integrated handling and processing equipment. These innovative systems not only boost productivity but also comply with the latest legal requirements, ensuring clients’ peace of mind.

From chemical to pharma applications, cosmetic and food or those using special materials such as applied in battery manufacturing processes or in the nuclear industry, Dec Group has developed customized solutions which fit to specific customer requirements.  Their turnkey and custom designed solutions have been successfully integrated into complex operations in a large number of companies worldwide, both multi-nationals and special niche companies.

In recent years, Dec Group has experienced significant growth through strategic acquisitions of specialized companies. Today, the company proudly presents its product lineup in five distinct divisions: Powder Handling, Particle Sizing, Filling Solutions, Containment Solutions, and Continuous Processing Technologies. With this comprehensive range of offerings, Dec Group’s vision of providing true end-to-end solutions, starting from the raw material input all the way to the final dosage form has been successfully transformed into reality.

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Dietrich Engineering Consultants sa
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