Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies maintains a global network of facilities that performs treatments to enable metal alloy components operating in harsh environments to last longer and perform better. Components that experience fatigue, corrosion, and heat while in service in commercial aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, ground transportation and general industrial applications benefit from our services. We perform most of our processes on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and often OEMs design-in or specify these services as proprietary production processes. And restore service run parts.

Our technologies include:

  • Shot Peening– Our Metal Improvement Company (MIC) business unit is a pioneer and leader in the shot peening industry.  The shot peening process imparts a beneficial compressive stress layer on the surface that improves the fatigue resistance and durability of the part. Shot peening is also effective in shaping the complex aerodynamic curvatures of the wing skins of commercial aircraft.
  • Laser Peening – MIC also performs laser peening, our most technically advanced surface treatment service, for attaining the highest level of fatigue protection for mission critical components.  This process induces beneficial compressive stresses that are four times deeper than can be achieved by traditional metal treatment processes.
  • Coating Services – The correct engineered coating or metal component coating system will protect components from the environment, corrosion, heat and wear, reducing costs and maintenance.
    Full industry and OEM customer approvals are available including FAA, AS9100 Rev D, NADCAP, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008

Our commitment to quality has earned the company numerous OEM approvals in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, marine, agricultural, mining and medical industries in addition to FAA, CAA, JAR and ISO 9001/9002 approvals as might be appropriate at individual facilities.

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies supports its customers with services that are critical for components in applications where performance and safety are essential.

Additive Manufacture (AM) Post Processing

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry, the technology has grown from a rapid prototyping solution into mainstream production of high complexity components. Multiple parts that once needed to be designed for manufacture and fitted together to form a complex assembly can often be replaced by a single AM produced component with none of the same design constraints. These new generation methods often lead to savings in weight, efficiency and lead time.

CWST have developed a Post Additive Manufacturing process to :-

  • Improve surface finish and surface characterisation
  • Improve component cleanliness
  • Remove support structures
  • Remove sintered surface
  • Surface compression and densification
  • Management of residual stresses
  • Improve fatigue life

CWST are happy to engage at the design and development stages to help ensure that parts are designed with economical post processing in mind.

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