Corroseve: Corrosion Protection and Engineering Services

Since 1974 we’ve been renowned for our products and services. Our expertise has led us to operate from offices in 30 locations across five continents; it’s made us the go-to choice for all kinds of industry sectors – the name you can trust to protect metals, machinery and more. Our products have helped protect all kinds of industrial giants – some of the biggest names operating in power generation,oil & gas and petrochemical – from the harmful effects of corrosion.

As Corroserve, we provide corrosion protection and engineering services, both on-and off-site. We are also committed to research and development. Our team at Corrolabs is pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide our customers with even more technical expertise.

Whatever the industrial sector, and whatever the application, we’ve a bespoke product and a specific set of skills to help. With a blend of high-grade solutions and highly-technical expertise, we’re proud to provide corrosion engineering and long-term protection to all.

We are Corroserve

Together with Corrocoat and Corrolabs, we are part of the Corrosioneering Group. All three of our brands stand on their own, yet work together to provide our customers with everything they need. When it comes to corrosion protection,asset management and technical development, there is simply no-one better.

Whether it’s protective linings, reverse engineering, manufacturing spares or offering a full turnkey solution, we are here for our customers. At Corroserve, we act with a commitment to quality and performance. Whether you work with one of our brands or all three, you’ll find this solidity engrained throughout our business.

Our Full Service Package

We offer an unrivaled full-service package. From start to finish, our six-step process is everything that’s needed to keep your assets protected and long-lasting.


For initial coating, repairing or re-engineering advice, our NACE/ICorr qualified coating inspectors will visit your plant and provide independent third-party inspections, quality control and coating surveys.


We’re experts in effective and professional multi-trade co-operation. Our highly skilled personnel will perform a wide range of coating and repair work at your site. It’s our resources made flexible for the ultimate convenience to you.


Corroserve can also repair or fully re-engineer equipment and machinery if needed. It’s a cost-effective way of maintaining and updating your assets. Plus you’re guaranteed a professional service with an end-product that’s as good as new.


We can decommission machinery and bring the parts back to our workshops to coat,or we can coat on-site. Either way, our high-quality coatings will provide you with an assurance – and your equipment with a new lease of life.


Once treated, we will quickly re-install equipment back into your plant. Our installation team is well-experienced in handling a full spectrum of applications and will also provide a comprehensive report once complete.


We provide ongoing support in the form of a 24/7 helpline, and a dedicated account manager offering extensive technical advice. Whatever your problem is, we’ll go out of our way to fix it. Customer service is where we excel

Active in Many Sectors

At Corroserve we’ve a proven track record of corrosion protection within many sectors from power generation to water and waste and from the marine industry to the renewables industry. These markets may be diverse, but they all share one thing in common– the need for high-quality, and high-performance specialist coating and services offering superb chemical, temperature and erosion resistance.

Specialist Coatings Range

Corrocoat is the name of our specialist range of paints and coatings range developed and manufactured by us to provide abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, fluid efficiency, anti fouling and corrosion protection.

One of our best sellers is our range of heavy-duty glass flake coatings. These provide proven long-term corrosion protection to equipment operating in aggressive environments. Corrocoat is the industry leader in glass flake coatings – due to the unique particle size there is no like-for-like product more superior on the market.

Poly glass VEF is another of our proven systems. This spray applied protective coating is ideal for applications such as process vessels, pipework and water lines, and has been used for protecting offshore, petrochemical, power generation, marine,water and process industries.

With service lives often measured in decades, Corrocoat materials offer excellent long-term and trouble-free service, not to mention great value for money.

Pump Services

Corroserve has a dedicated, highly trained pump repair team, that are Achilles H&S accredited to work on site as well as having Achilles FPAL accreditation for off shore work. Corroserve can also remove and transport pumps to its workshops. All work is carried out to global standards by our professional team; using world leading engineering coatings to repair and corrosion protect capital equipment.

The company also offers an on-site Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring service designed to calculate pump efficiency which helps identify significant cost saving opportunities for the pump operator.

Large Bore CW Butterfly Valves: Manufacture and Refurbishment

Corroserve is one of the few engineering companies in the UK with the capability to design and manufacture large bore butterfly valves to exacting specifications, from initial design consultation through to manufacture and installation. The company also offers professional repair and reconditioning services, and has the in-house engineering skills to manufacture shafts, bearing bushes and seals for all valve types, together with the capacity to handle even the largest of valve components up to 132” NB.

Working Across the World

With a network of licensed partners around the world, often called Corrocoat like the brand, all offering the same highly regarded technical support, means you’re guaranteed to find a Corrocoat product or partner nearby.



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