In April 2013 CERTUSS UK Ltd were invited to tender for a project by specialist brewery supplier Moeschle (UK) Ltd.

Tender details were to supply and commission a Steam Generator and Package Plant Module that would serve a new Micro Brewery for Ramsbury Brewery in Wiltshire. The equipment required should be capable of meeting the required load demand of circa 400kg/hr, a fuel supply of Light Oil, with the steam production required 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

 After evaluation of the requirements, CERTUSS UK offered a tender for the following equipment:

  • 1No. Junior 500kg/h Light Oil Fired Generator
  • 1No. CVE Skid Unit with all necessary ancillary equipment pre installed
  • Water treatment package and program
  • Delivery to site
  • Commissioning

In June 2013 CERTUSS received an order for the supply of the equipment with full commissioning of the plant taking place October 2013. To date CERTUSS still carry out annual servicing of the plant.This site is also available for any potential CERTUSS UK customers to visit and see our equipment in a working environment, where they can speak to an independent Engineer for an unbiased opinion (to arrange any appointments please contact CERTUSS UK)






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