Cambridge Numerical Control

Contact Tel: 01480 468 639
Fax: 01480 301 577

Cambridge Numerical Control was established in 1981 and has gained a world-class reputation as a complete solution provider to engineering companies in the UK and abroad.

We provide DNC and MDC machine tool monitoring and OEE software. This suits all types of engineering companies from single machine connection to complete networked solutions for large corporates. This can also include NC-Base File Management. NC-Base has been audited to FDA approval standards for medical applications and ISO 9001 for Aerospace and general engineering.

We are very different to other DNC suppliers because we listen to our clients requirements. When we visit our client’s site(s) we will first ask them to walk us around their shop floor so we can see exactly the types of controls and machines they have and thereby gain a thorough understanding of their possesses.

Once we have an understanding of their business we can then recommend a solution to suit their exact requirements. Demonstrations will be based on answering their specific needs and will not be some pre-rehearsed demonstration of our software.

All of our Engineers are highly skilled in machine tool communication and will always find the right solution for our clients whether that is for networked machines or RS232 machines.