Advanced Handling Ltd

Expert Materials Handling Equipment

Established in 1977, Advanced Handling has a wealth of experience, providing robust and flexible materials handling equipment for a wide range of industries.  All of our equipment is designed with innovation and expertise, tailored specifically to each environment and application.

We design our lifting equipment to last, capitalising on the skills of our in-house technical design team. Using our products not only means a sound return on your investment but also a happier, healthier and more efficient workforce with the need for manual handling reduced.

Materials Handling Equipment Range

We offer several options when it comes to materials handling:

•     PRONOMIC Lifting Trolleys: A range of ergonomic, lightweight and adaptable lifting trolleys designed to reduce manual handling injuries and increase productivity in the workplace.

•     Movomech Overhead Lifting: Intelligent manual handling units that enable the responsiveness and flexibility of humans to combine with the power and strength of a machine.  Movomech is perfect for quick, repetitive motions or slow, precise load placements

•     Mezzanine Goods Lifts: Transfer goods between mezzanine floor levels safely to improve efficiency.

•     Scissor lift tables: Mobile and static solutions for lifting and handling loads of various sizes and weights up to 10,000kg and over.

•     Voyager Freedom Stackers: Our Voyager Stackers are designed with innovative technology, lightweight and at the same time incredibly strong.

•     Bespoke Solutions: Our experienced team work with our clients to design materials handlings solutions for a wide range of applications in many different industries.

Servicing For Your Materials Handling Equipment

Our UK wide servicing is delivered by our team of qualified and experienced engineers who are on hand to service, install and repair Advanced Handling manufactured and all leading materials handling equipment. We specialise in hydraulic and electric mobile and static scissor lifts, mezzanine goods lifts, stackers, Movomech overhead lifting equipment and PRONOMIC lifting trolleys.

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