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Addition Manufacturing Technologies is the combination of multiple companies –AddisonMckee, Eaton Leonard, and Eagle Precision Technologies – which are all rooted in the shared heritage of being industry leading providers of tube manipulation solutions. The company’s extensive portfolio of products and services includes tube bending, end forming, and measuring, as well as tooling, fixtures and global after sales service and support.

Addition provides these application solutions to the aerospace, automotive, and other tube manipulation markets around the world via regional offices and production facilities in Canada, China, France, Mexico, the UK, and the US. With decades of experience dating back to 1956, Addition collectively has the largest installed base of tube manipulation equipment in the world spanning more than 60 countries.

Tube Bending: Addition offers all-electric, hydraulic, and combination tube benders from 4mm to 220mm diameter which meets the levels of accuracy, repeatability, and ease of operation required by our customers across many industries.

Tube End forming: Addition offers a complete line of equipment for a variety of applications such as expanding and reducing, sizing, beading, flaring, notching, parting and end trimming, many of them now with our patent-pending Hydra-GREEN technology, a system that reduces heat emissions, hydraulic fluid usage, noise and power usage.

Muffler Making: Addition offers a complete range of work cell and individual product solutions designed to bring the highest possible standards to the production of muffler and catalytic converter components. The “Eagle” brand machines are suitable for manual loading and unloading or fully automated with robotic transfers. Whatever the size or shape of your muffler requirements, with machining capabilities for muffler shells up to 600mm diameter, you can count on Addition to deliver.

Tool stocking : Under tool stocking agreements, high-volume consumables are manufactured in the most economical batch quantities and stocked at an Addition facility, or at one of our partner facilities, nearest to the customer point-of-use to ensure extremely competitive pricing and rapid response.

Tube fixtures: Using new methods and state-of-the-art technology we have developed a revolutionary approach for the production of tube fixtures. This process provides several benefits compared to conventional fixtures including a new patented concept and design for tube fixtures, an innovative manufacturing process using advanced CAD software, and complete process control for assembling the fixture.

Rebuild & Upgrades: Addition understands that not all customers are in a position to purchase new equipment and offers machine rebuilds and upgrades as a solution for these customers. These upgrades are an economical choice, replacing machine components so that the machine achieves the latest levels of efficiency and performance.

Designed to extend the life of versatile production assets without compromising the original machine specifications, Addition offers many levels of upgrade and rebuild packages from a control upgrade only, up to a complete machine rebuild.

At Addition, we make it possible for you to make the most of your manufacturing process. We call it Additioneering–the ability to apply greater experience and insight to increase opportunities. You’ll partner with a team dedicated to understanding and improving your approach to manufacturing. In addition to our state-of-the art machines and tooling, we can help you address the entirety of your production system to optimize your results.
We bring the best ideas to bear with the most efficient and safest manufacturing equipment, systems and technologies that human inventiveness, imagination and hard work can devise.
Combining ingenuity with a deep sense of integrity, we engage you in a direct, frank manner to ask the hard questions that yield true and lasting answers. More than making machines and tools, we seek to make.

Contact us today for more product specifications and literature or to partner with our experienced staff to determine the machine best suited for your tube forming needs.

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