Actify provides a set of business solutions designed to support the creation, management, dissemination and collaborative use of product data (i.e. product definition information including BOM structures, CAD files, specifications, requirements, manufacturing instructions, etc.).

For over 20 years, Actify has delivered powerful and affordable Product Data Intelligence solutions to the aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, and discrete manufacturing industries. Actify’s solutions enable designers and knowledge workers alike to participate in product design and development activities, thereby lowering collaboration costs and improving manufacturing performance.

Actify is passionate about leveraging available enterprise data to make manufacturing companies smarter by harnessing the product data trapped in all their data sources.  Through technology, Actify help manufacturers unlock the power of their data and amplify underlying business processes, making operations faster, better and cheaper.  Actify is more than an economical technology provider, Actify deliver the greatest return on every dollar invested!

Unlock operational efficiencies and business success

Actify identifies interdisciplinary enterprise collaboration holds the key to unlock operational efficiencies and business success.  Actify provides an enterprise solution that enables organizations to align processes, engage stakeholders and act strategically to maximize business results.  The software helps companies gain a competitive edge through streamline operations and processes across the enterprise while increasing quality and productivity levels.  Actify helps manufacturers collate and organize disparate program data, providing a highly systematic and structured environment for continuous improvement and optimization of today’s heterogeneous enterprise.

Enterprise CAD Collaboration:

While CAD tools themselves have come a long way in the past 30 years, most people think CAD files are exclusively for their company’s engineering and design departments. However, the business value of using CAD beyond the design team is incredible. Many departments across the organization need access to valuable information contained within CAD files.

Historically, it has been too expensive to provide CAD tools to non-engineers and in some cases the ROI for engineers who aren’t using CAD on a daily basis is questionable. With Actify’s Enterprise CAD offering, this is no longer an obstacle and giving your entire organization access to CAD data has become very affordable. You no longer need to ration your CAD access, everyone in your company should have access to affordable CAD tools to gather information needed to support their daily tasks.

Even if you are locked into using another CAD system as your primary CAD authoring platform, you can still take full advantage of Actify’s neutral enterprise CAD package to support communication and collaboration.

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Actify Centro offers a completely new approach to traditional PDM & PLM offerings.

Actify Centro is everything you need to effectively organize, track, view, and collaborate on your enterprise files and CAD data. Providing the core PDM & PLM features to manage complex product processes and navigate the digitally connected enterprise.

It is no longer believed that a single monolithic enterprise application is sustainable or robust enough to serve every diverse business function.  The complexity of enterprise processes, organizational requirements, and information constructs cannot be addressed by any single solution.

Actify’s enterprise solutions are designed to complement other enterprise applications and provide the core functionality needed for managing, merging and leveraging data across the enterprise. Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform integrates a host of organizational disciplines and natively supports visualization, collaboration, decision making, and intellectual property protection, among other capabilities.

Actify’s neutral platform best supports the needs and connects the data from different disciplines to effectively communicate, share information and securely collaborate regardless what file type or line of business system you typically use.  One of the biggest benefits is that you can effectively collaborate on project data with team members, regardless of geographical location.  Eliminate concerns over version control and data loss.  Through robust features, such as data governance, check in and check out, Actify can manage revisions of all your enterprise files, not just CAD.

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Actify Business Tools

Actify’s business tools can be configured to replicate your company’s Excel driven process; this ensures you can retain your organization’s unique competitive advantage—the process.  Minimize process change and gain all the benefits of modern software.  A single version of data, accessible anywhere, change audit, store and access previous versions and compare changes between revisions.

Actify’s business tools are configurable. Business tool functionality and phases are customizable to support your organization’s nomenclature and processes, whilst adhering to industry standards.

Below is a list of readily available business tools: 

  • Job Sheet Manager
  • End Item Manager
  • ERP Uploader
  • Quoting Manager
  • APQP Manager
  • PPAP Manager 

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About Actify:

We create software solutions to solve business problems.  We work closely with our customers to provide a tailored, process-centric, end-to-end solution.  We enable and bring value to every engineering change, project update and data exchange across the enterprise and extended supply chain.

Through technology, we help manufacturers unlock the power of their data.  We amplify underlying business processes, making them smarter, better and faster, and ensure companies don’t lose themselves in the pursuit of digital transformation.

We see tremendous value that is currently hidden and unused within various business systems or inaccessible because of proprietary file formats.  Manufacturers have business systems and databases that they’ve been populating for many years.  Actify delivers the technology to unlock and leverage this data opportunity to benefit our customers.

What drives Actify as a company is a desire to complement and accelerate our customers business performance without sacrificing their core competencies, or their identity.

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