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As a fast-growing high-tech company, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems develops, produces and distributes highly precise control and stop valves which are applied in the process industry. We are a part of everyday life; whether it is in the production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, food and beverage processing or the production of plastics, steel, paper or glass, as well as in the textile industry – in short, wherever liquid or gaseous flows need to be controlled, Schubert & Salzer products play a vital role.

Our subsidiaries in the Benelux, France, India, the UK and the USA as well as more than 40 international partners offer you and your customers quality products from Schubert & Salzer “Made in Germany”.

Our Product Range:

Seat Valves

Seat valves are extremely reliable all-rounders in the valve world. Our range includes stop valves and control valves in stainless steel or bronze, with actuator either made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metal or lightweight plastic. Available with pneumatic or motorized actuators, Schubert & Salzer provides application solutions for practically any process.

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Sliding gate valves

Schubert & Salzer’s sliding gate products were developed as an efficient alternative to conventional control valves. The design is uniquely simple, but is intelligently engineered to tackle complex applications which require precise control under taxing conditions. A moving disc with the same arrangement of slots moves parallelly to the fixed disc, thereby changing the flow cross section. The prevailing differential pressure presses the moving disc against the fixed disc and seals it.

As a result the Sliding gate design offers an extremely compact, comparatively light and therefore handy valve.

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Ball sector valves

The Ball Sector Valve especially designed to handle arduous duties, slurries and viscous fluids is suitable for control and isolation. Due to their especially designed ball sectors they are self-cleaning and with pneumatic and electrical actuators, it is the best choice for very precise control within a variety of process industries requiring a valve that can handle exacting applications.

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Segmented disc valves and Segmented disc orifices

Segmented disc valves by Schubert & Salzer Control Systems offer high precision over a wide flow range. Due to the robust design and the bi-directional flow capability, segmented disc valves are suitable for fluids as well as vapours, even if these are contaminated by particles. Range of applications varies amongst a large degree of process industries and utilities. An ingeniously simple but effective valve design!

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Sterile valves

Purity is preeminent in many industries demanding the highest degree of cleanliness. Aseptic valves from Schubert & Salzer operate to the highest global requirements and specifications with maximum efficiency: The bodies are CIP and SIP capable, to avoid contamination by bacteria. A particular focus has been placed eliminating dead space across the entire stroke area.

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Pinch and Diaphragm valves

Many fluids cannot be controlled through conventional valves due to high solid content, heavy viscosities or contaminants. In some cases the media is too aggressive for conventional alloys. Long service life and reliability combined with the excellent control quality of an integrated positioner, lead to an ideal control valve with minimal maintenance and low operating costs. The Schubert & Salzer pinch and diaphragm valves, pneumatic or motor actuated are true alternatives for applications in many industries whether for general or sanitary functions.

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Positioners by Schubert & Salzer

Compact positioners in analogue and digital versions made for pneumatic control valves. Due to the direct-mount of the positioner to the valve actuator, there are no exposed moving parts, which increases the operating efficiency, enhances control and accommodates simple maintenance requirements. The positioners are characterized by compact dimensions, handling of short strokes and its intgrated visual display of the valve position.

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Electric actuators

In addition to a precision control element, a precise actuator is also required for solving complex control tasks. This requirement is met in full by the two electrical Schubert & Salzer actuators type 2030 and type 2032. The development particularly focused on control accuracy, high positioning speed and reliability. As with all electronic components by Schubert & Salzer, communication and settings of all parameters are handled via the configuration software DeviceConfig.

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Customized solutions and accessories

Less piping effort, reduced maintenance time and minimized costs.

In many systems, processes demand connecting multiple valves for different media so that they can together carry out a special process function. A connection system well-known from the field of hydraulics and adapted to the respective application, allows for the intelligent combination of several valves in a customer specific manifold. The manifolds are developed and manufactured individually according to your P&I diagrams.

Accessories include limit switches, stroke limiters, manual overrides, our robust strainers and check valves as well as PID controllers, i/p converters, pilot valves and boosters.

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