Churchill Controls

At Churchill Controls, we are the UK’s leading manufacturer of low power radio telemetry & control equipment. Founded in 1976 and based in Crowthorne, Berkshire, we supply cost effective solutions to the problems of monitoring and control of remote industrial plant and processes.

The Mega_Link telemetry & control system, (which is enhanced and partnered with the Mega_Bridge IP communicator), is a low-cost and versatile telemetry communication system for passing two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between industrial plant and equipment which can be distributed over wide geographical areas and remote locations.

Our telemetry & control systems typically concentrate on point to point or point to multi-point communications for the “relay” of signals from one location to another. Simply put, digital and analogue inputs go in one end and they come out as outputs at the other location, and this works in both directions. Units are fully configurable so that for example;  a multi-point system can be set up as required to “steer” input/output signals in any order and combination between units. Further input and output expansion modules are available to handle all the I/O you will ever need.

The system can also interface with 3rd party PLCs and SCADA systems at either or both the basestation and outstation ends, using industry standard serial interfaces like Modbus, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi protocols.

For a typical radio system, our service often starts with a radio path site survey to check signal strengths in order to specify aerial requirements, cabling and pole lengths etc. as needed for our quotation. On receipt of an end customer’s I/O requirements and your order we perform factory set up, test and supply of equipment, aerials and all necessary hardware. We can also offer optional on-site commissioning support if required for more complex systems and first time customers.

While licensed and licence free UHF low power radio and leased line/private wire has been the mainstay of our telemetry communications through multiple generations of equipment, the product range has continuously evolved to also include 2G/3G/4G and Internet Protocol (IP) based solutions with IOT architecture.

Our latest product, “Mega_Bridge” adds flexible and fully featured internet protocol (IP) connectivity to the well-established Mega_Link family of telemetry & control units used to pass two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between equipment and industrial plant. IP connection scenarios range from simple self-contained Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) to multiple networks anywhere across the internet for even wider distributed geographical areas and remote locations.

This product innovation was made possible thanks to an impressive R&D collaboration with the University of Reading.

Mega_Bridge can operate in either “local” or “remote” scenarios;  local mode is for operation on a customer’s own closed network and remote is using the general internet where Mega_Bridge will handle the setting up of a secure communication path via a dedicated message server to each of the respective Mega_Bridge outstation units, wherever they may be located in the country.

Security is addressed by the incorporation AES-256 Bit encryption which is the widely accepted industry standard for data protection, along with a VPN capability.

Churchill Controls proudly supply telemetry products to water companies, utilities and their electrical contractors all over the UK and Ireland. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer technical support and spares/repairs backup we provide to our customers and their ICA Engineers, including previous generation and legacy products.

Churchill Controls is well known within the water industry for supplying radio telemetry equipment in the form of “little green units”, called Nano_Link and Micro_Link which after 30 years are still supported, although we do now encourage update and replacement by the newer Mega_Link family of units.

Our long established pedigree and knowledge create flexible, versatile, self-contained, easy to install and ready to go out of the box products that do exactly what’s required.

From 2020, the providers of old analogue leased lines have announced that these will no longer be supported and this leaves many customers with a dilemma of how to replace their legacy leased line telemetry systems going forward. Churchill Controls have responded to this and can offer a leased line alternative based on our IP solution; either based on using a customer’s own Ethernet networks or conversion of leased lines into dedicated ADSL links with broadband router/modems.

Telephone: +44 (0)1344 750233