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Looking for affordable, robust temperature probes, thermometers and sensors? Look no further than TME Thermometers – your one-stop shop for the times when temperature matters.


TME specialise in robust, waterproof thermometers and probes that are ideal for a variety of applications including extreme temperatures and hazardous locations.


Applications include:

  • Process engineering
  • Food & Drink process/production
  • Oil & Gas
  • Engine production/management
  • Furnaces
  • Glass production
  • Metal production
  • Plastics/bottle production


TME’s broad range of thermometers and temperature equipment offers highly functional mechanical designs complete with incredibly high accuracy and stability.

Equipment includes:

  • Waterproof thermometers
  • Barcode alarm thermometers
  • Dataloggers
  • Calibrating thermometers
  • Dual purpose surface/immersion probes
  • Super-fast needle probes with Thermasprint technology
  • Cold food simulator probes
  • Legionella temperature kits
  • Food kits


TME has a long held reputation for innovation in temperature measurement, and over the years has developed significant improvements in temperature measurement and recording – raising performance and driving down costs.

4Innovations include:

  • MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode Logging Thermometer with user-set alarms – providing paperless recording and alerting staff to critical temperatures
  • TCWALLPORT accessory – allows remote measurement of hard to access temperature points from up to 20m away
  • Unique, super-fast ThermaSprint technology – with an unbeatable 3 second response time – up to 10 times faster than the competition!

With constant innovation, modernisation and productivity, designing new solutions for the needs of clients is par for the course at TME.


At TME, the emphasis is on ensuring that customers have the right product for their individual requirements. The friendly sales team offer expert, no-obligation advice on problem applications, as well as working both with suppliers and distributors in all markets.

5Ask about our unbeatable repairs and calibration service, including Thermometer for Life, our unique maximum £35 repair/replacement guarantee on all MM2000 thermometers.

TME – When temperature matters