RMIG Solutions

As the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal, RMIG can provide you with every type of perforated product  and can  work with you to create the right perforation solution for your application – whatever it may be.

RMIG has in-house expertise in the development of perforated products within the processing industry. Processing encompasses a vast number of potential applications for perforated products and is probably the sector where applications for perforation are most varied. RMIG has significant experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, waste water, paper and offshore industries, to name but a few, and with a range of small, high-precision perforation in thin materials to large holes in thick sheets, we have the knowledge, expertise, tooling and the materials to deliver products according to your requirements.

Perforated materials are also widely used within the food processing industry due to their broad range of useful qualities. The most obvious demand of the food processing industry is a high level of hygiene which perforated materials are more than capable of meeting. Perforated screens are also strong with important thermal capabilities making them useful solutions for a wide range of food processing applications. Tailor-made perforated solutions are ideal for cleaning, heating and steaming in food production environments. All our perforated materials can be custom-made for applications to meet customers’ exacting requirements, whether it concerns baking trays, cereal cleaning or ingredient conveyers.

Did you know we  offer a range of secondary operations which include

We can cut and shape  perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. 

For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. 

Rolling and forming
We can roll, bend and form  perforated sheets to match your design. 

Aesthetic finishes and protective coating
We can offer  powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

Complete solutions
With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the  fully formed and coated custom made part.

Our local presence  means  there is always an experienced person close to you, readily available to answer any question you might have. Our goal is to show you RMIG is the best choice for your perforation requirements, every time.

At RMIG, we also stock a wide range of standard perforated sheets including Mild Steel, Pre Galvanised, Stainless and Aluminium available for immediate despatch. We can deliver UK stock within 24 to 48 hours and Group stock within 10 days, whether your order is for 1 or 1,000 sheets with easy payment facilities. 

For more information please contact us  www.rmig.com | email: info.uk@rmig.com | Tel: 01925 839610