SEPURA – Leading the World in Condensate Filtration

Developed by filtration specialists Bowman Stor, pioneering SEPURA™ is continuing to build upon its reputation as a global force in oil-water separation technology.

SEPURA’s comprehensive portfolio of separators, all designed and manufactured at Bowman’s UK production facility, provides high performance solutions for the treatment of air compressor condensate in systems ranging from 60-7000cfm.

The original concept revolutionized the filtration market back in 2004 when it was first introduced as an easy-to-use separator with no moving parts and a 100% performance guarantee.

Since then, Bowman’s research and development team has continued to make major advances in separation technology, in particular the creation of the SILEXA™ filtration media which established new standards in condensate treatment. This oil selective, hydrophobic, oleophilic product is unique to Bowman products. Made from recycled glass bottles it is a fully sustainable and renewable patented media, which provides a multitude of benefits compared to traditional virgin medias. 20% more adsorbent, cleaner, lighter and requiring no pre-soaking –  SILEXA™ has made installation even easier and has enabled rapid servicing, with outlet quality discharge down to 5ppm.

The SILEXA™ media enabled Bowman to develop the world’s first fully disposable separator – the SEP60 – a compact, single use, quick-fit design with the capacity to out-perform separators twice its size. The SEP60 is the smallest in the SEPURA family which has grown to meet the needs of most industrial oil-water separation applications. The current range is organized into three main categories:

  • Low capacity – up to 60cfm (1.7m3/min)
  • Medium capacity – 120cfm to 2500cfm (3.4 – 70.8 m3/min)
  • High capacity – 3500cfm to 7000cfm (100 -200 m3/min)

Environmental benefits

The efficiency with which SEPURA products remove or adsorb oils, fuels and hydrocarbons from water effluents is greatly reassuring to manufacturers from multiple industries. Managing Director Richard Potts says “Our customers can be confident that SEPURA filtered discharge is fully compliant with current regulations and is also helping them to meet their own commitments to reducing environmental impacts”.

In addition, the SILEXA™ material itself has huge environmental benefits. Unlike other, similar products which are made from virgin materials with huge carbon foot prints, SILEXA™ is manufactured from a readily available recycled waste product, and has the added benefit of being extremely lightweight, further reducing shipping/delivery impacts compared with traditional heaver materials.

International growth

As the SEPURA brand continues to grow, Bowman is working hard to develop new partnerships and ensure that their groundbreaking technology is available to markets around the world. The company has already established a growing network of international agents with contacts across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South Africa, South America and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & Papa New Guinea) and most recently, China.


Bowman has developed rigorous procedures to ensure that all SEPURA products meet the demands of its global customers and it has now gained ISO9001 – 2015 certification for the design, manufacture and supply of filters & filtration equipment.

Bowman’s next goal is ISO14001 and, with the management team currently putting the foundations in place, the company is on-track to add the stamp of effective environmental management to a business that is already delivering a growing range of sustainable solutions to filtration systems around the world.

For further information on SEPURA technologies or to place an order call +44 (0)1543 379212 or email Comprehensive product data is available on the website: