Improving Occupational Safety and Health Worldwide

Manufacturing for safety is what JSP is all about, and this is reflected in its high quality selection of industrial head protection and “above the neck” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Working in this important industry sector since 1964, the company has succeeded with its suite of value-added solutions and has since acquired status as European Leader in Industrial Head Protection.

Its portfolio comprises various head protection, eye & face protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection and working at height equipment. Much of the specialised PPE can be made to measure; the safety helmets, hearing products and eyewear customised according to individual specifications using corporate logos and colour schemes.

“JSP is the trusted choice for quality personal protective products with a devoted team responsive to bespoke demands, listening to customers and consistently delivering promises,” a company representative commented. “We understand the importance of bespoke products for the customer and brand products for companies by adding corporate logos, safety messages, individual names and identity systems.”

The Personal Protective Equipment, which is manufactured on ultramodern production lines, offer an enhanced sense of protection, comfort and ease for workers in a cross-section of industry sectors. Whether based within the construction & civil engineering, automotive, steel, chemical, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, energy & utilities, rail transport & infrastructure or agricultural market, individuals can rest assured that their wellbeing will be maximised in the workplace with JSP’s innovative safety solutions.

The manufacturer focuses strongly on the undertaking of research and development in order to create fully functional PPE and does so with the employment of an experienced in-house team operating from its core manufacturing and testing facilities in Oxford. Production is undergone in line with its worldwide QMS (Quality Management System) and the British Standard Institution’s (BSI) Kitemarkscheme, a symbol representing quality, integrity and safety.

The Kitemark accreditation demonstrates compliance with the applicable British, European and international standards and indicates that the products have been batch-tested. Similarly, the JSPCheck ( adds validation as a uniquely developed online checking system that ensures the speedy and straightforward online tracing of JSP products.

Particularly popular with clients, JSP’s core range of EVOLUTION® helmets comprises the mainstream EVO® 2 & 3 models, the EVOLite® (the world’s lightest industrial safety helmet), the Mk8®Evolution® (the world’s strongest) and the NEW Evo® 5 Olympus® Global Standard ABS helmet (the hard hat meeting the world’s standards for head protection). Other significant innovations include the award winning PressToCheck™ FORCE™8  mask, which helps to ensure respirators are worn correctly with a face fit checking system, Europe’s lightest best performing full shell bump cap – otherwise known as the new AeroLite™ Hardcap™ .

With a strong commitment to safety innovation, JSP’s Research and Development team have designed a new range of Sonis® Ear Defenders which peaks at an unbeaten SNR of 37.  Developed in partnership with a leading research facility in the field of acoustic engineering, this new range meets the needs of an extensive range of industrial applications.

This exceptional range of Sonis® Ear Defenders is  Kitemarked and meets EN352-1. The advantages of this range  is that it offers  a wide spread of attenuation with SNR values between 27 and 37 meaning that selecting the right model to match the wearers requirements is really straightforward.

JSP’s is excited to announce that their design team have developed the ultimate integrated product available in today’s marketplace  which provides eye, face, hearing and respiratory protection all in one unit. This NEW Powercap®Infinity® Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is a fully integrated TH3 powered air respirator offering 4 of the highest levels of protection in one compact intuitive head mounted unit.

“JSP are continuing to take safety product development to new levels; investing in UK manufacturing with state-of-the-art robots and an expanding R&D team dedicated to innovating more intuitive products that perform to the highest levels,” our source concluded. “We will work with end users to educate them through seminars and help them to specify complete PPE and Height Safety protection programme solutions that can be locked down – when to use a product and why you should is crucially important.”

Approximately 40 million people around the world utilise products purchased from JSP on a daily basis. Through its efficient network of dedicated distributors the solutions are delivered to customers in over 100 countries.

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